Traffic Safety

About the Traffic Safety Program

Whether you have received a traffic ticket or are ordered by a judge, Rock Valley College offers traffic safety courses that will help you improve your driving skills and meet the needs of your court supervision

Benefits of Supervision

Taking advantage of this program will place you on court supervision, without going to court.

If you comply with the terms of the supervision, your citation/ticket will show on your public driving record, but no conviction will appear or be recorded. Your supervision will last 180 days from the date of the violation (For Carroll, Jo Daviess, Ogle, or Stephenson County tickets, supervision starts from the date the PLEA is recorded at the court.)

For court supervision, you must:
  • Complete the traffic safety class within 160 days of the date of your violation.
  • Maintain a clean driving record with no traffic tickets for the 180 days of your supervision.
  • Be eligible to participate in the program (see eligibility requirements)

Class Fees


Defensive Driving Class (4 hours, in-person)


Defensive Driving Class (8 hours, in-person)


Defensive Driving Class (4 hours, online)


Note: If you elect to take a class through another provider, they will charge you for their services, also. The fee paid to the other school is their tuition. The class fee you pay to the county where the ticket is issued does not transfer. Also, the other school will not report your completion, they simply allow you to attend the class and provide a certificate of completion. You are responsible for sending the original certificate of completion to Rock Valley College Traffic Safety Program, within 160 days from the date of the ticket. Late certificates will not be given credit. 

How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

The Traffic Safety Program wants you to be safe. If you feel unsafe making the drive due to weather conditions and Rock Valley College remains open for classes, you may call to reschedule your class if there’s enough time left in your court supervision.

If Rock Valley College (or any of our satellite facilities) closes due to inclement weather, we will automatically reschedule you for the next available class at the same time frame and location, if you have time left in your court supervision.

If Rock Valley College remains open, our satellite Traffic Safety class locations may still choose to close. Please be sure to check your local news sources for weather-related closures.

Due to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), our staff is not allowed to discuss your case or schedule with anyone but you.

You should be able to print the certificate for your records. The website will show your viewing percentage, pre-exam %, and post-exam % and will say, "Congratulations on successfully completing the National Safety Council's NSC Defensive Driving Course."

  • Below that it will say, "Click here to get your certificate information."
  • If you click there, your certificate should appear for you to print.
  • If you do not want or are unable to print your certificate, you can save it as a PDF. We recommend you save a copy for your own records.

We will be able to see your completion and will update your record accordingly. If the class is NOT COMPLETED within the terms of your supervision, you will not receive credit.

While this class may be required as a part of your sentencing for a traffic violation, this is not the reinstatement class. You need to call (800) 822-7009 for information on the Remedial Driving/License Reinstatement class.

As part of the Illinois Graduated Drivers License program, any driver who was under the age of 18 at the time they receive a traffic violation, who wishes to take advantage of the Traffic Safety Program must appear before a judge to request court supervision.

Although the citation may say, “No Court Appearance Required,” a driver under the age of 18 does not have to appear in court only if they wish to plead guilty and pay the fine without court supervision. Keep in mind that moving violation convictions during the initial licensing phase (ages 16-17) can result in restrictions that will extend beyond the age of 18, and possible suspension of driving privileges for a period of time.