Financial Literacy

We want our students and alumni to be successful and we know that a big part of that involves being financially literate. Taking the time to learn and evaluate your financial choices now, will set you up for financial independence and success for the future. This page provides free information and tools to educate you and help you become more financially successful.

A few financial topics you should be familiar with to maintain your financial fitness:

  • Budgeting
  • Debt management
  • Credit
  • Savings
  • Banking
  • Student loan management

Helpful Financial Literacy Topics:

  • An important aspect to financial literacy is the ability to budget. The ability to manage your spending and the money you receive is important not only for paying for school, but also for paying for all of your living expenses.  Maintaining a budget can help you plan for your financial goals.
  • Learn about topics for managing and growing your money.Key topics include saving, investing, earning, spending, protecting and borrowing.
  • Financial troubles can often interrupt a student's educational goals. A money management checklist can help you avoid some of the impacts of financial difficulties.
  • Understanding what makes up your credit report is important to understanding your financial health. Regularly reviewing your credit report assists in avoiding incorrect credit reporting. Reviewing your credit report can also assist in preventing and recognizing identity theft. There are many services that will charge you to check your credit, however there is a free service authorized by federal law.