Campus Improvement Projects

RVC is committed to fostering an environment that supports academic excellence, enhances student experience, and promotes community engagement. As part of this commitment, we're excited to announce several campus improvement projects aimed at elevating our facilities and infrastructure to better serve our students, faculty, and staff.

Important Updates

To continually improve the student experience at RVC, many areas of campus will be under renovation from May 20 – Aug. 14, 2024.

  • Starting May 20, Parking Lots 2 and 4 will be closed, including several campus walkways. PEC visitors should park in Lot 1. All other visitors are encouraged to enter campus from the Spring Brook Road entrance and park in Lots 7 and 8. Please avoid the walkways between the SSC, PEC, and WTC. Please use the bridge to get to the Stenstrom Student Center during this time. Allow extra time to travel between buildings. Visit the RVC Improvement Projects section below for specific details on parking lot and walkway closures. 
  • Starting May 20, the Woodward Technology Center (WTC) will be closed and the Stenstrom Student Center (SSC) will be impacted for renovations. Please visit the RVC Improvement Projects section below for additional details. 
    • Tutoring Center has been relocated to the Educational Resource Center (ERC).
    • Academic Advising, Accounts Receivable, Career Services, Dean of Students, DEI, Financial Aid, Payment Center, Records and Registration, and TRIO Support Services have been temporarily relocated to Classroom Building I (CLI).
    • Intercultural Student Services has been temporarily relocated to the SSC First Floor Club Room.
  • The following departments have returned to their original locations: Disability Support Services (SSC Ground Floor) and Testing Center (SSC).

RVC Building Projects RVC Improvement ProjectsView Construction Map (PDF)

Our Goals

Together, we will build a brighter future for our students and our community.

Enhance Facilities

Embracing Progress: Enhancing Campus Facilities

With a focus on innovation and accessibility, our campus improvement initiatives seek to modernize existing facilities while also introducing new enhancements to meet the evolving needs of our diverse community. From revitalizing classroom spaces to enhancing campus amenities, each project is designed to create a vibrant and inclusive learning environment conducive to student success.

Engage Stakeholders

Community-Centric Approach: Engaging Stakeholders

At RVC, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We value input from our students, faculty, staff, and community members, and actively involve them in the planning and implementation of campus improvement projects. By working together, we ensure that our initiatives align with the aspirations and priorities of our entire campus community.

Provide Excellence

Commitment to Excellence: Elevating the RVC Experience

Our campus improvement projects reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence in education and service. By investing in our facilities and infrastructure, we aim to create a dynamic and forward-thinking campus environment that inspires learning, fosters innovation, and cultivates personal and professional growth for all who walk through our doors.

RVC Building Projects

RVC is in the preliminary stages of planning a Downtown West campus located at Chestnut and Winnebago/Rockton. We are excited to expand our offerings to better serve the western portion of our college district. The programs we are exploring for inclusion at this location include automotive, e-vehicles, collision repair, early childhood education, truck driver training, human services, criminal justice, adult education, refugee and immigration services. In addition, the college is planning for a community engagement space to better engage adult learners.


  • Sept-Oct 2024: Demo of 3 buildings (Complete Dec 2024 – Jan 2025)
  • March 2025: Groundbreaking Ceremony
  • August 2026: Construction will be complete

In January 2024, Rock Valley College (RVC) received $17,000,000 from the State of Illinois for the remodel of Classroom Building II (CLII). As per the Capital Development Board (CDB) requirements, RVC must contribute a minimum of 25% of the released funds, totaling $5,666,667. With this contribution, the total available funds for the project amount to $22,666,667. The current estimate for the basic remodel of CLII stands at $25,600,000. RVC has the option to add additional funds for extra construction to fulfill other college needs.

  • Funding Source: State of Illinois
  • Total Project Cost: $25,600,000
  • RVC's Required Investment: $5,666,667
  • Total Amount Available: $22,666,667
  • Project Scope: Addition of Blackbox Theater – This option entails the addition of a Blackbox Theater. Estimated cost for RVC: $18,000,000. Total project cost: $35,000,000. Note: The prices listed do not include Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE) costs, estimated at approximately $3,700,000. FFE costs will be administered by RVC, not CDB.
  • Anticipated Construction Start: Summer 2026
  • Earliest Ready/Open Date: August 2027

  • Background: In January 2024, Rock Valley College received exciting news from the Capital Development Board (CDB) regarding a significant grant for the remodel of Classroom Building II (CLII). This development prompted the need to relocate current programs housed in CLII temporarily. Among these programs, Massage Therapy and Marketing stand out as they will not return to CLII after the remodel. Instead, they require new accommodations within the college.
  • Project Scope: Complete renovation of HSC to accommodate Massage Therapy, Marketing, and additional student space. Estimated cost: $1,900,000.
  • Timeline: Renovation and build-out by Summer 2025

  • Background: When the Health Sciences Center (HSC) was constructed in 2016, cost constraints led to the installation of only one elevator at the south end of the building. This decision, however, has resulted in challenges for individuals requiring vertical access to upper floors, especially during elevator maintenance or malfunctions. Handicapped parking spaces were located at the north end of the building, necessitating a long walk for those needing elevator access. Recognizing these difficulties, the need for a second elevator at the north end of the HSC has become evident over the years.
  • Project Scope: Adding a second elevator at the north end of the Health Sciences Center would significantly enhance accessibility and alleviate the hardship faced by students, staff, and community members. While this addition would impact student space on all floors, the existing "RVC Shell Space" on the third floor could be repurposed to accommodate the lost student space.
  • Cost Estimate: The estimated cost for installing a second elevator in 2024 is approximately $1,219,000, with an additional $130,000 earmarked for architect fees. While the College has allocated $500,000 in the capital account for this purpose, funding for the remaining cost could be integrated into the financing plan for the renovation of Classroom Building II.

RVC Improvement Projects

Summer 2024 Main Campus Projects

As we gear up for the summer of 2024, Rock Valley College is embarking on several campus improvement projects aimed at enhancing the overall experience for students, faculty, and staff. While these projects promise to bring about positive changes, it's essential to note that they may also lead to temporary disruptions and delays in navigating around campus.

Stay informed and stay tuned for updates as we work diligently to enhance the campus infrastructure for the betterment of all. Your cooperation and flexibility during this time are greatly appreciated as we strive to create a campus environment that fosters growth, innovation, and excellence.

This project entails the replacement of deteriorating walkways around the Jacobs Center for Science and Math and between the Student Center and the Physical Education Center at Rock Valley College's main campus. Additionally, it addresses the seal coating and re-striping of Parking Lot 1, which is also located on the main campus. The current walkways are in poor condition, and the parking lot stripes are no longer visible, necessitating upgrades to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. The work will be carried out by Stenstrom Excavation & Blacktop Group Rockford, IL with a cost not to exceed $821,677.45.

Throughout the summer, many walkways and parking lots will be closed for repairs.

  • Parking Lots 2 and 4 Closures. The parking lot off of the main Mulford Road entrance will be resurfaced between May 20 and June 5. This lot will be inaccessible during this time. PEC visitors should park in Lot 1. SSC visitors should park in Lots 7 and 8 located near the Spring Brook Road entrance to campus.
  • The walkway between the PEC and SSC will be closed during this time. Visitors to the Stenstrom Student Center (SSC) are strongly encouraged to park in Lots 7 and 8 during this time. In addition, the walkways between JCSM, CLI, and ERC along the creek will also be closed for construction. Please allow extra time to travel between buildings.
  • The walkway near the Bengt Sjostrom Theatre (Starlight) circle drive will be closed for repairs from May 20 – June 3.

This project involves the removal and replacement of existing flooring and wall base in the Stenstrom Student Center. The work will be carried out by Boss Carpet One located in Dixon, IL, with an estimated cost of $221,700.00. This capital expense is aimed at improving the aesthetics and functionality of the student center, providing a more conducive environment for students and visitors.

From May 20 – Aug. 9, 2024, the flooring in the Stenstrom Student Center (SSC) will be replaced, and a portion of the roof will be replaced. Because of the active construction and materials used, for everyone’s safety, it is necessary to relocate support staff and services during this time.

  • Main SSC entrance closed. The entrance that faces the Physical Education Center (PEC) will be closed beginning May 20. Visitors should park in Lots 7 or 8 and use the bridge entrance during this time.
  • Beginning on May 28, the following departments located on the ground floor of the Stenstrom Student Center (SSC) will be temporarily moved:
    • Tutoring Center will move to the Educational Resource Center (ERC)
  • Beginning on June 3, all departments located on the second floor of the Stenstrom Student Center (SSC) will be temporarily moved to Classroom Building I (CLI). Departments impacted include:
    • Academic Advising
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Career Services
    • Dean of Students
    • DEI
    • Financial Aid
    • Intercultural Student Services (exception: ISS will temporarily move to SSC First Floor, Club Room)
    • Payment Center
    • Records and Registration
    • TRIO Support Services
  • The following departments have returned to their original locations: Disability Support Services (SSC Ground Floor) and Testing Center (SSC Ground Floor).

This project involves the replacement of two aging air handling units (AHUs) located in the Woodward Technology Center. Helm Service, formerly known as Mechanical Inc, based in Freeport, IL, will handle the equipment procurement and installation. The existing AHUs, which are over forty years old, will be upgraded to improve the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system's efficiency and reliability.

The Woodward Technology Center (WTC) will be closed from May 20 – Aug. 14, 2024, for HVAC repairs. During this time, faculty and staff will be temporarily moved to other buildings on campus.

  • The open computer lab will move to the Estelle M. Black Library in the ERC.
  • Small Business Development Center – Health Sciences Center (HSC)
  • Information Technology Department – Jacobs Center for Science and Mathematics (JCSM)
  • Career & Technical Education – Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in Belvidere

This project is for a single prime contract that will consist of the construction of a new shed, driveway, electrical equipment in the new shed, modifications to electrical services at Building F and Building E, new and re-routed underground electrical, demolition of select trees, and demolition of the existing shed. This project is necessary because the existing shed is badly deteriorated. The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant will cover $100,000.

Scandroli Construction Rockford, IL – Not to exceed $467,190.00. This expense is for removing and reconstructing the Power Shed located near Building E on the main campus. 

Contact Us

Any questions or feedback may be directed to Vicki Brust, Project Manager, at (815) 921-4312.